BEPS certification (6 days)
Are you interested in our BEPS-certification and the subjects which will be discussed? Please take a look at the column on the side.

Tax avoidance is getting a lot of attention in the press these days. BEPS (Base Erosion Profit Shifting) is the abbreviation used by OECD to address fiscal planning concepts which are most of the time legal but still for many states unacceptable. OECD has created 15 specific BEPS Actions to fight tax avoidance and evasion. One of the main principles OECD is currently promoting is that taxation has to take place there where value is being created. As a consequence domestic tax laws and the meaning of many tax treaties will have to change. The latter is done by the so-called Multilateral Instrument. For any international tax professional these changes have to be known. Even if their company or client is based in a country which hardly participates in OECD’s BEPS, still the country of the subsidiary, parent or sister company will probably do. Missing out on these developments is not just a planning risk but also a liability risk and in some countries it can become a criminal risk.


  • 6 day BEPS-training (OECD, UN and EU)
  • Origin, background and consequences of BEPS
  • Latest developments concerning BEPS
  • Get an in depth knowledge of these plans without losing the overall view
  • Learn to apply these principles in your daily business
  • Every candidate has to write an article ready to publish
  • Every candidate will have to undergo an oral and a written exam on an academic level

In what way

  • Small groups (6 to 10 participants); on request individual
  • In the Netherlands in Utrecht or at a different location (depending on candidates preferences)
  • In the United Kingdom in London.
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks included
  • Start of the course is two to four times a year
  • Recertification every year

For whom

  • Every tax manager/tax director, tax advisor or tax inspector who wants to develop distinctive expertise on the highest possible level with regard to these new international tax rules
  • The entry level of our participants needs to be  at least 5 years of experience as an international tax lawyer. An interview or an access test can be part of the entry selection process

BEPS means that a tax practitioner will have to live in a world based on an economic reality instead of a legal reality. For those reasons understanding what the consequences of these rules are, is also a main part of the course. Since you have to write a paper which is of the level that it can be published in a recognized tax journal, the acquired knowledge can be used in a situation which is actually part of your daily business, If you prefer a different subject since the is more appealing to you, this is of course also possible. In six days spread over a period of six months you will become the absolute expert on BEPS.

More info
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