(Tax) & Corporate Reputation

Tax & Corporate Reputation

A company’s reputation is probably its most important asset. It’s what drives your business and gives you all the client credits you need. But what happens when your reputation is being challenged?

Imagine your company sells chocolate to consumers all over Europe both in brick and mortar stores and via the internet. At some point, a journalist believes that the cocoa farmers pay a supplier fee to a corporation based in a tax haven. Soon, the newspapers pick up on the story and start writing about how those poor farmers pay too much for being a supplier and how your firm avoids paying taxes over this revenue. In a couple of weeks, the chocolate season kicks off and you are really worried about this situation.

Other journalists then start asking specific information about your company, how transparent you are, etc. How are you going to communicate with these journalists? Are you going to tell them to bug off? And what if your customers start buying their chocolate from the competition?

We will show you various scenarios.