BEPS certification

We developed a six day BEPS course for tax professionals.

Apertas Cases

Interested in the some of our cases in which we can help?

(Tax) & Corporate Reputation

How to deal with your most important asset, your reputation?

(Tax) Authorities

How to cope with Tax Authorities around the world?


How to avoid difficult discussions on all kind of (tax) issues?


How to create real and enough substance?

Developing (new markets)

How to step into a new market?


How to deal with failure?

Finance / funding

Starting a newco(mpany). How to finance it?

Golden Circle

WHY do we do what we do?

Rebel Talent

How do you use the talent that surrounds you?


How to cope with a substantial setback?


How to guide a new adventure?

Value Chain

How to describes your business model and what purposes can it have?