Our concept: Tax & Reputation

In this fast-changing world, executives have a need for the right information. Apertas offers worldwide executives (CEO’s, CFO’s, controllers, but also other members of the board) training programs to provide better insights into their strategic positions and understand the tax consequences accordingly. We will describe a value chain and help you understand how common sense strategic choices can still lead to unexpected tax issues and how you can prepare for these.

How does it work?

Together, we’ll define a starting point in this tax awareness journey. Whether we use your company or a fictional company doesn’t matter. If we use the latter, we’ll show you the situation of a multinational that explores certain processes and steps that will probably be familiar to you. -> komma weghalen hier in de tekst Subjects such as developing new markets, international expansion in certain countries and divestment will be discussed.


In everyday life, all the choices you have to make will have tax consequences. In our journey, the choices you make are the basis for the discussion about the consequences. We’ll discuss the various alternatives and their consequences. We don’t intend to turn you into a tax lawyer, we just want you to become aware of how taxes influence your business.

Maybe you are wondering how much time we need to get you to the next level. The answer depends on what it is you want from this training. First, we have to dive into your specific needs. Usually, we’ll derive these from your business structure. If, for example, your company is growing in Asia and divesting in Latin America, we’ll use cases that address these situations. 

You can opt for a private session if you want to fully focus on your needs and maximise the effect of the training. However, if you wish to include all the members of the board, we will take it from there. You will learn what tax can do and which situations to avoid. In our experience, you’ll notice that your relationship with your tax advisor becomes more effective since you better understand what is important. You’ll also notice that your in-house tax manager will add much more value since you now understand what the real issues are he or she is coping with.


There is not a single tax advisor or in-house tax manager that will perform at his or her best if the board had no interest at all for taxation. However, an executive that is aware of what is going on in taxation and an experienced in-house tax manager (who probably lacks a little bit of business knowledge), will be a much more effective team. Last but not least, we have special programs for tax lawyers, tax accountants, etc., where we teach them about new international developments regarding taxation. Regardless if they’re an advisor for a consulting firm, an independent advisor dealing with in-house projects for their clients, or an in-house tax manager. In these trainings, we’ll address the OECD’s BEPS, UN developments and of course EU developments. Please reach out to us to find out how we can help you.