Do we have a clear picture of our tax risks? If so: do we know what we need to do to manage them? Five years ago, these kinds of questions were barely asked in the boardroom. Tax matters were kept to a minimum – they were the territory of enterprise tax specialists and tax advisors. How times have changed since then.

The OECD’s BEPS project, followed by a radical change of the EU regulation, forced companies to take a very close look at their fiscal behaviour. As a result, there is now a wide-spread awareness that tax matters. At the same time, this leads to new questions for companies. They have to document their fiscal position better and explain this position to internal and external stakeholders a lot more than they used to. How do companies deal with this?

Apertas Solutions helps companies to respond adequately to this new fiscal reality. Therefore we focus both on directors and enterprise tax specialists.

For CFO’s and CEO’s, we’ve developed an extensive program centered around the developments in the international tax area. We don’t pretend to turn them into (semi) tax specialists, but we do want to give them enough knowledge and tools to understand the business, political and societal context of tax matters in 2018 – and to act upon it.

For Tax Directors, we’ve got an extensive program that covers all the latest international tax developments. A small selection: BEPS, Transfer Pricing, profit allocation, v.i.-problematiek, the digital economy, the European dimension (guidelines, government support, Mandatory Disclosure, etc.), Tax Technology/Data Analytics and Tax Accounting/Tax Reporting.

Apertas Solutions disposes of a wide knowledge network of tax specialists. They combine a thorough theoretical knowledge with solid practical work experience and they are used to teaching fiscal matters to their colleagues/peers as well as to non-tax specialists.

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